My journey into photography started with nomadism and anxiety. In 2016, after living in New York City for 7 years, I decided to give up my apartment, drop my cat off with my parents, and travel while working remotely as a software engineer. During this time, I struggled with periodic anxiety and began to meditate every morning.

When I purchased a used Sony A5100 from a friend, I realized that photography itself could be a form of meditation. I began to shoot during every hiking and climbing trip, and eventually, daily. I started to learn about those pesky things like the “exposure triangle”, composition, and how to use lightmeters. I finally concluded that I should put together a portfolio and start sharing photography learnings (and hopefully a quirky story or two).

My current kit consists of my trusty Sony A5100 mirrorless camera (with a replacement body after an unfortunate jungle downpour) and the following lenses:

  • Rokinon 12 mm/f2.0

  • Sigma 19mm/f2.8

  • Sony 50mm/f1.8

  • Sony 16-50 mm kit lens

  • Sony 55-210mm/f5.6 telephoto zoom lens


If you have any questions about photography, prints, or just want to chat, feel free to contact me!